Finding Your Perfect Massage Match! March 01 2016

An important part of what makes an amazing massage therapy experience is having a wonderful rapport and connection with your therapist. Each of our therapists at Soulstice is unique and brings his or her own individual skills, training and background to the table. We embrace the diversity of our team, encourage them to be themselves and support them in customizing their massages for each client.

Our fantastic reception team excels at matching each customer to the perfect therapist according to their needs. They are trained to ask questions… What type of pressure do you prefer for your massage? Are you seeking therapeutic bodywork for a specific physical pain, or looking for a more relaxing experience? Are there any modalities that you especially love, such as shiatsu or reflexology? A basic understanding of the type of massage you enjoy provides our team with the minimum information we like to have while booking your first massage with us.

Just as important though, our team wants to know how you hope to feel and gauge your expectations for your visit. Are you experiencing a great deal of stress and need to calm your nervous system? Are you feeling low energy and hope to leave uplifted and revitalized? Are your back and hips locked up from sitting in a desk chair and need to be unwound? Each of our therapists excels at easing different mental, physical and emotional conditions, and we encourage our customers to communicate with our team in order to get the best result.

Here are a few hints and tips to help you receive your best massage ever!

- Take your time when booking your introductory massage at Soulstice. Please don’t rush through booking your appointment, book while driving or multi-tasking, or book your first appointment over email. We can do our best job of matching you if you give us an ability to get to know you, please do!

- Cushion your massage time with special “you” time… If possible, please don’t pack your massage day to the gills so you’re rushing into your massage or racing out the door afterwards. The benefits of your massage will be enhanced exponentially if you arrive early and have time to unwind, relax and clear your head before your session. Afterward, give yourself some space to soak up all the amazing vibes you just received, hydrate your body and ease back into the world.

- Give us some time to get to know you! We care about our customers very much, and want you to have the best experience possible. Let us get to know you both over the phone as well as during your visit. If you can come in a bit early, please do! Our reception team enjoys getting to know you, learning about your work and lifestyle, and hearing about your hopes and expectations for your massage. The better we know you, the better we can create a great experience for you.

- If you’re booking a massage for a spouse or loved one, please keep in mind that they may enjoy an entirely different type of massage than you do. In the case of many couples, one of you may adore very deep tissue work while the other prefers a gentler, nurturing touch. Whenever possible, we love to speak directly to the person receiving the massage to ensure we’re matching them with their ideal practitioner.

- For your best massage match, please give our team some time and flexibility by booking in advance. All of our therapists are amazing in their own way, but it is likely there are a select few that will be the absolute best matches for your needs. When you book last-minute, it limits our options for you. We understand that life is busy, but give this gift to yourself. By giving us some lead time and allowing us to listen carefully to your preferences, we can create a special experience just for you.

We look forward to caring for you soon!