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Join our Massage Club and Save! September 08 2013

Receiving regular massage therapy is one of the best ways to improve your overall mental, physical and emotional health.  Everyday stresses can take their toll... lowering our energy, depleting our body's innate ability to heal and creating imbalance in the body and mind leading to aches, pains, anxiety and mood swings.  The benefits of massage multiply with consistency, and the best way to make the practice a regular healthy habit is to commit to a monthly massage visit.

At Soulstice we offer annual wellness memberships designed to make regular massage accessible, affordable and efficient.  With over 800 appointments available monthly plus evening and weekend availability, our therapists can accommodate the most demanding of schedules.  In addition to a discounted monthly massage, our members receive a discount on all retail offerings, VIP notice for events and specials as well as priority booking.

Here are a few frequently asked questions about Membership:

1/  Can I share my membership with my (husband/wife/BF/GF/colleague/child) ???

Yes!  You sure may...  You may share your membership with one other person and they need not be a relative.

2/  If I miss a massage one month, do I lose it forever?

No, if you can't make it in one month your massage will "roll over" into the following month.  You may use massages yourself, or turn them into gift cards to give to others...

3/  If I move or can't continue to receive massage, am I on the hook for the rest of the year?

No, we ask for a 30-day notice when discontinuing a membership.

4/ Can I prepay for a membership, or be gifted an annual membership?

Yes, you or a loved one are welcome to prepay for an annual membership rather than having it billed monthly on a credit card.

Our friendly staff is happy to answer any questions you have about Membership; give us a call (707-843-3539) today!


Harvest Specials at Soulstice Spa August 29 2013

Harvest season is upon us, one of our favorite times of year in Sonoma County!  Celebrate the season with us and our wonderful neighboring wineries...

Enjoy special savings on massages and complimentary wine tastings from our featured vineyards!

For just $139, you'll receive two blissful massages and complimentary wine tasting passes of your choice during the months of September and October.  (Retail value up to $199)

Featured wineries include:  Truett-Hurst, Rodney Strong, Peterson Winery, Dutton Estate, Amista Vineyards, West Wines, Amphora, Paul Mathew Vineyards, Siduri, Mercury, Hanna and Kokomo Winery.

Combine two of Sonoma Country's best and brightest - spa + wine! - and come celebrate with us at Soulstice...

Offer good through October 31, 2013.  By appointment only.  Massages are for two 50-Minute Custom Massages. Wine tasting passes are subject to availability, limited quantities.


Timing is Everything August 22 2013

Clients often ask us how often they should get a massage in order to receive the most benefit...

The answer is different for each client, and depends on a few factors:

1/ The current state of your health.  If you eat healthy, exercise, practice good posture, do yoga and meditate, your body will have different needs than someone who is nutrient-deficient, sedentary, over-worked/stressed/anxious and out of touch with what's going on with their body.  Give some thought as to where you fall on this spectrum...

2/ Problematic or chronic conditions.  Are you suffering from a specific condition?  Frequent headaches?  Or are you so stressed that anxiety is affecting your ability to function?  If so, more frequent massage at first might be beneficial for you...

3/ Time and money.  We want the best for your health, but realize you need to take steps toward healthy living in the way you're able to balance self-care with other life responsibilities.  We'll help you determine what your body needs, and work with your lifestyle and budget to help bring your body back to health and balance.

Many people thrive on weekly or biweekly massages, but the minimum we feel everyone should strive for is one massage monthly.  Our wellness membership is based upon this premise and makes it affordable (less than $2/day!) for everyone to receive massage twelve times per year.  Have questions about how massage can fit into your life?  Give us a call!



Industry Days at Soulstice Spa August 13 2013

Soulstice Spa is celebrating our neighbors in the hospitality, wine and service industries in Sonoma County during the upcoming crush and harvest season!  Relax, unwind, and enjoy savings of over 50% off your first massage.

If you work at a winery, tasting room, restaurant, hotel, travel agency, vineyard or other eligible industry, be sure to give us a call at the spa for details on this very special, limited-time offer.

Industry Day Specials are available Mondays only during August, September and October.  One offer per person, by appointment only.

Please call the spa for details ~ 707-843-3539


Benefits of Regular Massage August 06 2013

Many people initially come to massage for a specific injury or problem area...  A sore back, chronically tight shoulders or the zinging pain of sciatica.  Massage therapy can be very effective for all these issues, but it isn't until you begin receiving regular massages that you'll experience the many other amazing benefits. 

Physically, massage enhances circulation, eases digestion, improves range of motion and relaxes tight muscles.  It can help improve posture, prevent and ease chronic overuse conditions and enhance flexibility.  You will feel lighter and more "at home" in your body after a great massage.  Mentally, massage lowers stress, relaxes the nervous system and mind and gives you a moment's pause in our fast-paced and overstimulated world.  Many health conditions are brought on by stress, and controlling stress levels will go a long way toward disease prevention and enhancing your overall health.

Regular massage feeds a healthy habit cycle... When you feel great, you naturally want to exercise more.  When you exercise more, you sleep better.  And when you sleep better, you're more likely to reach for nutritious foods rather than the quick fixes of sugar and caffeine.  You may be surprised at the wide-ranging impact massage can have on your well-being and health.  For less than $2 per day, you can incorporate massage therapy into your life on a regular basis --- come visit us at the spa and ask about our Wellness Memberships! 

It's Not Easy Being Green. July 30 2013

Thinking about getting your first massage?  Or maybe you've only had a handful, or one back on that honeymoon in 1989.  Fear not, we therapists love working with you newbies and our friendly staff is here to help every step of the way.

There are a great many types of massage therapy - Swedish, deep tissue, Shiatsu - and some have some pretty weird names... it can be confusing!  A great place to begin is to let the receptionist know the following:

1/ Pressure:  When a loved one gives you a shoulder rub, do you tend to like a gentle, nurturing touch, or do you prefer a firm to deep pressure? 

2/ Problem spots:  If you're experiencing occasional or chronic pain in a specific area, that is great info to let us know.  For example, frequent headaches, neck pain, overall aches and pains or sciatica are all common complaints that will help us match you with your therapist.

3/ Concerns or questions: Will I get completely undressed? Will my therapist be male or female?  Will the massage be painful?  Let us put your mind at ease by answering your questions or concerns over the phone.

If you're relatively new to massage don't be afraid to let the receptionist know that at the outset - we're here to help!  Don't be shy about communicating to your therapist what you like or don't like, if the pressure is too light or deep, or if you're too hot or cold.  Finally, keep an open mind - there are many types of massage, so if you're not crazy about the first one you received back on that honeymoon, don't give up!   Once you get comfortable and matched with the perfect therapist, you'll get the hang of it and begin to experience massage's many amazing benefits.

Making the Most of your Massage July 28 2013

In the course of our busy days, it can be difficult to carve out the time to take care of ourselves.  For this reason, it's important to schedule healthy activities and nutrition into our lives.  Proper sleep, a nutrient-rich diet, regular stretching & exercise, and a monthly massage are a vital part of keeping your mind and body functioning optimally.  When hours in the day are limited, it's especially important that you maximize your relaxation time...

Here are some tips on how to get the very most out of your monthly massage:

1/  Choose the best day and time. Try to book your appointment when you won't be rushed to get to your appointment.  If possible, try to take a soothing bath or shower before leaving for your session to warm the muscles and unwind your mind.  Leave early and arrive in plenty of time in order to feel relaxed and unrushed.  Ideally you won't have anything scheduled immediately after your session, leaving yourself free to absorb the feeling of deep relaxation and stay in your bliss-state as long as possible. 

2/ Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.  Before your session, drink plenty of water and refrain from caffeine 4-5 hours before your session.  Dehydration can lead to dry skin, headaches, sore muscles and a weakened immune system.  Try to drink 24-48 oz of water in the hours following your massage, especially if you enjoyed a deep tissue session.  This will help your muscles recover, eliminate toxins and cleanse your body from the inside-out.

3/ Clean the Slate.  Try to get your work, chores and errands out of the way before your massage so you can free your mind from running through the things you still need to attend to that day.  A relaxed mind allows for a relaxed body.

4/ Un-Plug.  After your session, try to unplug from unnecessary stimulation like email, crowds, television or other burdens to the mind and nervous system.  Instead, try a bath, spending quiet time with the one you love, cuddling a pet, gardening or walking in nature.

You will feel the effects of a great massage for days to come, especially if you prepare yourself to receive and allow yourself the space to absorb all its amazing benefits.