The best way to experience massage therapy's myriad benefits is with regular treatments.  The Soulstice Spa Membership makes it affordable to receive a blissful monthly massage.

Soulstice Membership is simple, straightforward and easy to join!  As a Member, at the beginning of each month the credit card of your choice will be conveniently billed for $79. When you're ready for your 50 Minute Massage that month, simply give us a call to schedule.  Get busy and accidentally skip a month?  No problem!  Your massage will roll over to the next month, and will be saved for you as a credit.  Want to extend your monthly massage to 80-Minute sessions?  Easy!  Just opt for our Deluxe Membership and you'll be auto-billed at $109 monthly (A $40 savings! - Standard Rate for 80 Minute Massage is $149.) 

Give yourself or someone you love the gift of health and wellness with a Soulstice Spa Membership.  You may purchase online here, or sign up at any of our locations!
Membership Details:

• For just $79/month, you’ll receive one 50-Minute Massage per month. You may receive unlimited additional massages monthly at Member Rates. The credit card of your choice will be conveniently billed for $79 at the start of each month.   ($109 for Deluxe Members.)

• There is no sign-up fee, initiation fee or cancellation fee.

• If you miss visiting one month, your massage will roll over into the next month.

• You may convert your Member Massages into gift cards.

• Your Soulstice Spa Membership may be shared with one additional person. Please let us know if you would like to add someone to your Membership.

• Your Membership may be cancelled for any reason with 30-Day’s Notice. Cancellations must be made in writing and mailed or dropped off at the spa, or you may email your request to

• If you wish to re-instate your Membership within a year of cancelling, you may do so along with a reactivation fee of $49.

If you have questions about your Membership, please give us a call at the spa or email We’re here to help!
We look forward to caring for you... body, mind and spirit!